Be part of giving back in Thurston County to help others thrive!

United Way is about us. It is all of us working together to address the sources of poverty in our community. There are more than 38,000 households in Thurston County with working adults who cannot afford to meet their family?s basic needs. United Way is working to reduce that number. United Way?s vision is one of transformational and generational change. With the work of our initiatives and your help, we will see significantly fewer households living from paycheck to paycheck. United Way?s mission goes beyond recognizing the problem; we're dedicated to creating practical solutions. We have set out a series of initiatives that will improve the health, education, and financial stability of every person in Thurston County. United Way discovered that even with available financial aid, less than half of Thurston County students complete a federal student aid (FAFSA) application, a gateway to higher education opportunities. Barriers like lack of information, trust, and connections impede progress and college preparation. Through our Career and Resource Navigators pilot program, we are helping students dream big and break down those barriers. Welders, plumbers, electricians, and other trades earn living wages, but there is no extensive training for the trades in Thurston County. United Way has pulled together resources to work to create a skilled trades training center in Thurston County. It will be a tremendous opportunity for high school graduates, those transitioning out of the military, and individuals seeking to transition to skilled labor. We aren?t stopping there! United Way is excited about future initiatives that will focus on improving youth mental health, increasing Kindergarten readiness, creating access to quality early childhood education for all children, and much more. Each step brings us closer to a community in which all people in Thurston County can thrive. And that?s not it! United Way is embedded in Thurston County?s emergency response systems. When a disaster hits our community, we raise and distribute funds to those in need AND supply volunteers to help with recovery efforts. When our community faced floods, fires, and COVID-19, United Way has been there to help. Together, we will continue to work for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in Thurston County. We are a community that needs one another. Join us as we seek to have all of Thurston County Live United.

Volunteers packing books for children.